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 Bruno's mother lived in the elven village of Straveski. On a diplomatic mission, her traveling group was attacked by a mob of human brigands.    His mother was captured and held prisoner by the humans when they learned that she was the sister of the Elven leader. His mother was tortured and raped before the elves were able to rescue her. Several months later, Bruno was born. His mother did not survive long after his birth and many of the elves wanted to cast him out due to his illegimate birth. His uncle, the leader, did not agree and raised Bruno as his own son.

Bruno studied with the Elvish clerics and learned the ways of a Paladin. He kept to himself within the village, learning of the distrust that the other elves held for him, despite his uncle's words and intervention. When he grew older, Bruno left the village to travel on his own. He longed to search  for a place he could call home and would never stop his search.

Along the way, he encountered a human warrior named Douglass Wilson and young man named Sean. They grrew to be friends and wished to travel with him. Sean grew fascinated with the paladin way of life and soon became Bruno's squire.

Level 4
Paladin Squire

HP - 36 (4d10)
AC - 16
Douglass Wilson
Level 5

HP - 54 (5d10)
AC - 14
Strength - 17
Dexterity - 16
Constitution - 15
Intelligence - 14
Wisdom - 13
Charisma - 11
Strength - 20
Dexterity - 15
Constitution - 18
Intelligence - 12
Wisdom - 14
Charisma - 14
Weapons: Longsword 1d6+3, Dagger 1d4+3
Armor: Chainmail
Weapons: Short sword (1d6+5), light crossbow (1d8+2)
Spells: protection from evil, sanctuary, cure light wounds, bless, purify food and drink, shield of faith  

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