Jahn didn’t remember his real parents. His earliest memories were of the elderly lady who raised him and insisted that she was his grandmother, even though she looked nothing like him. Jahn was not attractive like the other boys in the small village. Jahn’s face was all squished in and flattened with a pig’s snout and pointed teeth. His ears were pointed, and head elongated with pointed spines running down the back of his head, poking up through his dark stringy hair. He ever had nubby wings, not big enough to fly though they were enough to allow him to float gently to the ground from a height. His skin was also slightly tinged green.

            He remembered asking his grandmother about his parents. His dad was apparently a orc chieftain in the nearby mountains. His clan had attacked a caravan of merchants traveling through the main pass to the city of Salachus. A young woman had survived, and the orc chief discovered her. They fell in love and he offered her safe passage after his clan looted the caravan. Days later, he led her to this village nestled at the base of the mountains. He had kissed her and said that he couldn’t stay no matter how much he wanted to. He had said that it wasn’t safe for her. The villagers took her in and welcomed her warmly. It turned out that she was pregnant with the orc’s child. When Jahn was born, the elderly woman helped his mother.       

            Jahn remembered his mother’s gentle hands and a final kiss on his forehead. In the middle of the night, the villagers mentioned seeing a shadowy form flying over the village towards the northeast. There was a greenish glow coming from the shadowy form. The villagers had mentioned seeing it a few times over the years, as it the shadowy form was looking over the village and protecting it. The next morning there would usually be some kind of gift: food, money or other items like toys for Jahn.

            When Jahn turned 13, an elaborate set of armor and sword: bronze helmet, chainmail, shield and a shining long sword. There had been a note addressed to “his little warrior” and “with love from Dad.” Jahn treasured them forever. It was also at that time he developed a cold and couldn’t stop coughing. Whenever he had coughed, would spit out a glob of something green. It was determined to be poison and Jahn and learned that once a day he could spit out a cone of poison, apparently a gift from his mother that he had learned to control.

            Growing up, he learned to use a long bow as well and helped to defend his village. He learned to hunt grew adept with the mountainous terrain and eventually learned to interact with the plants and animals in a positive manner. One of the villagers had been a ranger and he had taught Jahn the trade. Jahn used it to help his village.

            When Jahn turned 25, his grandmother passed away and Jahn reverently helped to bury her in the village cemetery. He wanted desperately to find his mother and his father. Jahn packed some supplies and left his village. He searched for clues that would lead him to his dad and his mom.

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